Here is a simple formulae for adventurous living. Follow it daily for a month and see if life doesn’t take on new meaning and colour for you.

Wake Up Your Senses

Most of us go through life only half aware of its beauty and wonder and magic. Every day we pass by beauty and loveliness, unseeing. This is partly because we don’t live each moment fully, but constantly look ahead to some future goal or happiness. Really look! Really listen! Really taste! NOW. Not tomorrow.

Learn Something New

Nothing will add excitement to life so quickly as a new interest. Choose some field you have an interest in: astronomy, painting, blogging, online business — and find out everything you can about it.

Cultivate Your Old Friends and Make New Ones

Nothing adds so much to living as friendship. Remember good old Joe whom you’ve been meaning to contact for months, but just haven’t done it yet? Call him today. And make new friends. You liked the fellow you met at the sales conference? Why not a golf game with him? You thought the visitor at the bridge meeting was interesting? Why not invite her for tea?

Do Something for Someone Else

Try each day to do something for someone else. Visit the old man on the next block who looks so wistfully at passersby. Babysit for the new mother across the street while she goes out for a few hours of needed relaxation. Volunteer for service at a nearby hospital or nursing home.

— Excerpted from “A Formula for Adventurous Living” by Claire Jones in the November 1958 issue of SUCCESS Unlimited.