Have a blessed 2022
Happy New Year 2022

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed 2022 ahead.

2021 was a recovery year from the infamous Covid virus.

While Covid was bad, Covid also taught humanity was it was like to be humans. We saw a great outpouring of love when people of all faiths started helping the needy with food and other essentials. And for once, the rich couldnt distance themselves from the disease – their wealth couldnt protect them outright although their wealth bought them the best treatment.

The head of an oil and gas company allegedly said that he comes to work daily and isnt worried about the risk it poses to his young, unvaccinated children at home. What he didnt realise with such a reckless statement was that if and when his kids get Covid, he can afford the best healthcare but his low level employees cant — they have to take their kids to the local general hospital and hope for the best.

We dont know how fortunate we are and we think our circumstances applies to everyone. But not everyone can afford the simple things that we can. And we should never forget that.

Use 2022 to build people up. Make some time to go and help another person. Money doesn’t solve everything. Some people just needs someone to listen to them. Some people need help. Just ask. Dont assume.

Happy new year to you!