3 Key Differences Between a Mentor or a Coach?

3 Key Differences between a Mentor and a Coach

Having an expert guidance can improve your ability to make effective business decisions and develop your skillset. The terms coach and mentor are often used interchangeably. However, the relationships differ in a few important ways.

No. 1: How often you meet and the structure of those meetings.

Encounters with a mentor are less formal, while coaches tend to work according to highly structures meetings over a certain period of time.

No. 2: How much you pay for their assistance.

Coaches are typically hired to assist individuals reach a specific goal or create a strategy, while mentors are not paid for their time.

No. 3: How they teach and help you determine your next moves.

Mentors impart wisdom to their proteges through story-telling and past experience. On the other hand, coaches are focused on reaching goals and creating outcomes.

The decision to choose between a coach and a mentor will depends on a variety of factors that fall outside of the scope of this brief synopsis. Now that you know the three biggest differentiating factors between a coach and a mentor, you can establish which relationship suits your lifestyle and career goals.

— Nahla Davies, SUCCESS Magazine

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