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Kenneth Brian Gomez

Subsea Pipeline Engineer | Mechanical Engineer | Finite Element Analyst | Fracture Mechanics


I’m a mechanical engineer with 19 years of working experience, 12 of them as a subsea pipeline engineer.

I have experience in designing subsea pipelines inclusive of lateral buckling and pipeline walking (using ABAQUS), on-bottom stability, free span, vortex-induced vibrations, fatigue and fracture mechanics (ECA).

I understand and am able to write the scope of work, technical specifications, design basis and design reports for conceptual, FEED and detailed design, having worked on major projects such as TOTAL’s Egina, Chevron’s Gendalo Gehem and Wheatstone, INPEX’s Ichthys Phase 1, Reliance’s KG-D6 and ONGC’s KG-D98.

I have considerable experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) having started my career with the FEA companies serving companies in various engineering industries (biomedical, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive). I am proficient in ABAQUS, ANSYS and MSC.Sofware.

My current focus is on lateral buckling, pipeline walking and fracture mechanics (ECA) of subsea pipelines for normal and sour service.

I have also spent 2 years working on solving vibration, fatigue and fracture issues in the mining industry in Western Australia.

I am well versed with the Australian, DNV, BS7910 and ASME VIII standards.

I am a registered member of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia and Engineers Australia, and am working towards my Chartered Engineers status.

I have legal rights to work in Malaysia and Australia.


  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
    • Linear & Non-linear
    • Implicit & Explicit
    • Dynamics
    • Thermal
  • Pipeline design (subsea)
  • On-bottom stability
  • Free span analysis
  • Lateral buckling analysis
  • Pipeline walking analysis
  • Engineering critical assessment (ECA)
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Software programming (python, C, HTML, PHP, MySQL)


Full resume on LinkedIn


McDermott International Inc
Kuala Lumpur
September 2018 – Present

Principal Engineer (Subsea)

Project experiences:
1. KG-D6 – anchor collar assessment under installation loads
2. KG-D6 – pipeline walking assessment and mitigation (anchor vs synthetic rope)
3. Julimar Development Phase 2 – prepared the global buckling and walking design rationale for bidding purposes
4. Barosa T&I Bid – prepared the ECA design rationale for bidding purposes
5. KG-D6 – buckling and nonlinear assessment of partially buried pipeline initiation pile
6. KG-D98 – modelling and analysis of pawn head and pipe strength mismatch during reeling of linepipe onto reel
7. Lucious Hadrian Subsequent Development Project – ECA Assessment for Installation Cycles
8. LLOG Stonefly Subsea Development Pipeline Installation – ECA Assessment for Installation and Operating Cycles
9. KG-D98 – ECA assessment under sour service conditions
10. Ichthys Phase 2 – Interface engineer for ECA related activities
11. Sepia – 3D ECA analysis of girth weld and triple point
12. On-going internal development of crack propagation software according to BS 7910

Subsea Engineering Associates Pty Ltd
July 2018 – August 2018

FE Analyst

Project experiences:
1. Build ECA model of girth weld fracture in Abaqus. Correlate results against published project data.

S F Design Pty Ltd
July 2017 – June 2018

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Project experiences:

I am part of the mechanical engineering team working on mechanical design, certification and verification.

Projects completed:

  • AS1210 pressure vessel / pressure filter verification
  • Lifting sheaves design verification
  • Bearing puller certification
  • Certification of Gecko water tank mounted on mining site trucks against fatigue damage
  • Piping design for BHP Olympic Dam service motor and chiller
  • Verification and modification of clamping mechanism to lift the conveyor belt for maintenance. Checked against fatigue for aluminium.
  • Design and verification of transport stands used for movement of heavy equipment
  • Design of 6 m x 2 m transport frame for the transport of mining equipment

  • Engineering of an underground maintenance working platform for BHP Nickel-West mining shaft
    This seven-month project was to design and engineer a man-cage and a skip-style working platform that could be deployed in a 1.2 km deep underground mining shaft for workers to replace brackets and bunton beams. Work was done as per the underground conveyance mining code and involved extensive FEA and supported by engineering calculations (as per the client’s requirements). This platform includes foldout roofs and platforms that were gear driven to enable workers to reach the corners of the shaft. This project was successfully completed with the skip-style working platform currently being fabricated.

  • Random vibration and fatigue assessment for Rio Tinto rolling stock sensor arm using FEA (on-going).

    This project will investigate the fatigue assessment of an automated rolling stock sensor arm. The aim of this project is to ensure a 10-year working life of the arm due to random vibration.

All FEA analysis for projects above done in either Nastran InCAD or SolidWorks.

Deacon Engineers Pty Ltd
July 2016 – June 2017

Senior FE Analyst

Project experiences:

Part of the advance analysis team utilizing finite element analysis to solve:

1. Post-buckling analysis of gold processing tank at KCGM
2. Vibration analysis of Metso crusher
3. Fracture mechanics analysis of dryer drum cracking for CSBP
4. Structural analysis of Metso car dumper end ring spill plates
5. Mechanical and structural design as per AS 3990, AS 4100
6. Finite element analysis using Abaqus and feSafe
7. Pressure vessel verification as per AS 1210 (wind and seismic loads as per AS 1170)
8. Guardrail design as per AS 1657 and misc…

Familiar with DNV, BS710 and Australian Standards.

September 2015 – April 2016

Supervising Engineering Specialist

Project experiences:

I work in the pipeline advance analysis team and am mainly responsible for the pipeline lateral buckling, pipeline walking, free span, vibration induced vortex (VIV), fatigue and fracture mechanics (Engineering Critical Assessment) analyses.

Projects worked on:
– Maui Free Span Rectification Assessment Concept Study
The Maui pipeline is a 42-year-old pipeline that required a life extension due to a change in operating conditions from dry gas to wet gas production. Work that was performed in this project was a pipeline free span re-assessment using DNV-RP-F105 and compared the results against SHELL DEP findings.

November 2010 – September 2015

Senior Engineering Specialist

Project experiences:

I work in the pipeline advance analysis team and am mainly responsible for the pipeline lateral buckling, pipeline walking, free span, vibration induced vortex (VIV), fatigue and fracture mechanics (Engineering Critical Assessment) analyses.

Projects worked on:

– Ichthys Phase 1 Detail Design (INPEX/McDermott)
(a) Lateral Buckling Design of Condensate Flowlines.
(b) Assessment and Mitigation of Pipeline Walking of the Condensate Flowlines.
(c) Assessed the stability of the flowline on the sleepers.
(d) Assessed the fatigue life of the flowline on the sleepers due to VIV.
(e) Engineering Criticality Assessment (ECA) analysis of the girth welds of the 12″ condensate flowline during reeling and operation using 3D FEA models as the FAD approach was unsuitable for weak weld materials.

– Wheatstone Detail Design (Chevron)
(a) 3D Dynamic On-Bottom Stability of Pipeline via ABAQUS/Explicit (Shallow Water)

– Gendalo-Gehem Deepwater FEED Development (Chevron)
(a) Wall thickness design as per API RP 1111 & ASME B31.8.
(b) Lateral buckling analysis of infield production lines via SAFEBUCK’s methodology and Buckfast software.

– Shtokman FEED (Gazprom)
(a) Wall thickness design as per DNV OS F101.

– Iwaki-Oki CO2 Gas Injection FEED
(a) Assisted in the revision of several specification documents relating to line pipe.

– Internal Project Development
(a) Free Span
(b) Wall Thickness
(c) On-Bottom Stability

J. P. Kenny Wood Group Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur
December 2006 – November 2010

Senior Consultant (FEA)

Project experiences:

I work within the J.P. Kenny finite element team. My work mainly consists of pipeline lateral buckling analysis, pipeline walking and fatigue analysis for various projects using Abaqus. I also analyse subsea structures using another finite element analysis tool, ANSYS.

I am basically a finite element specialist within JP Kenny.

Dover Engineering Limited
Lagos, Nigeria
September 2009 – April 2010

Senior Design Engineer (Pipeline)

Project experiences:

Seconded to Dover Engineering (Lagos, Nigeria) to work on the TOTAL Egina Deepwater Project. I am part of the UFR (Umbilical, Flowline and Riser) team, working on lateral buckling assessment of deepwater production, gas and water injection lines.

I have also assisted in the overall work scope of flowlines which includes pipeline wall thickness sizing, flowline end expansion and on-bottom stability studies.

And worked on functional specifications for flowlines, FLETs and ITAs, which complies to TOTAL’s GS 2008 standards.

Kuala Lumpur
November 2000 – November 2006

Technical Manager

Project experiences:

I was responsible for procuring, managing and undertaking the consulting projects and technical support of all MSC.Software’s products in Malaysia. These softwares include MSC.Patran, MSC.Nastran, MSC.Dytran, MSC.Marc, MSC.Fatigue and LSDYNA.

During this tenure, I was exposed to the research & development work that was performed in the automotive, aerospace, defence, semiconductor and general machineries.

CAD-IT Consultants (Asia) Pty Ltd
Kuala Lumpur
September 1999 – October 2000

Engineering Analyst

Project experiences:

Engineering analyst supporting the users in Malaysia and Singapore for the engineering softwares, ANSYS, ADAMS and Moldflow.
Taught training classes on the above mentioned softwares, provided technical support and assisted in consulting projects.


Masters of Science in Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Johor, Malaysia

2002 – 2004

Majored in finite element analysis of high speed (explicit) impact of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) composites plates. Explicit analysis was done using MSC.Dytran.

Bachelors of Science in Engineering

University of Manitoba
Manitoba, Canada

1995 – 1999

Majored in robotics and finite element analysis.


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